Top 7 Benefits of Using Asp.Net in Software Development

Software Development

.Net is a framework made by Microsoft Corporation. .Net makes boost in software development. So, are you eager to know the most astounding benefits of .Net framework? Know your .Net better by referring following points:

Multiprogramming Language

Confused? Which framework is used for your software development? Here is the solution! Yes, .Net framework is the platform provides language neutral platform with the help of CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) for exception handling, Garbage collection, security and interoperability. It allows you to work in multiple languages like VB, C#, j# etc. Now, you can easily develop your software using .Net with different programming languages.

Managed Code

In .Net world managed memory allocation and deallocation done via CLR (Common Language Runtime). GC (Garbage Collector) handled this collection. Now, feel free from object memory allocation and deallocation!


Worried about code security? .Net offers you the feature that makes your software code secure. CAS (Code Access Security), and validation and verification.


As companies grows quickly, .Net provide scalability to the application. So as company grows, parallel you can scale your application without starting from scratch. Easily you can expand it by re-developing within less time.


As many companies need to make new software with legacy system. So, .Net is capable to integrate their system successfully with an existing system.

High Performance

.Net gives high performance to your software with an excellent execution by using JIT (Just-In-Time) complier, early binding, caching services and native optimization. JIT translate IL code to machine code.

Web Services

The amazing thing about .Net is that it provides web services. Web service is necessary for connectivity between applications. Now, you can use your application in any platform without any modification! Because ASP.Net provides web services like SOAP (Simple Object Access Control), XML, WSDL (Web Services Description Language).

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