The 9 Coolest New Features in Windows 10

Windows 10 Features

Microsoft is going to launch its product Windows 10 on July 29th 2015 with it’s coolest new features. So, let’s take a tour of the surprising features of windows 10!

1) Return of Start Menu

The most noticeable change in Windows 10 is new Start Menu. This feature is back with two panels side by side, with the left column showing pinned, recently and most-used apps.

2) Cortana, Your Digital Assistant

Cortana, Microsoft’s voice controlled digital assistant is now available for Windows 10. It’s cool to interact with your device without lifting a finger and result will be in front of your eyes!!

3) X-Box The Gaming Zone

A new feature X-Box for windows 10 lets you play the game with your friends. How cool that this app allows you to view your game clips and compares scores from your computer. Now, get ready for competition!

4) Spartan Browser

This Windows 10 feature replace the old browser with the latest one Spartan Browser. It includes PDF support and note taking feature. Also improve the layout for long articles. The most amazing thing is it supports Cortana feature within the browser.

5) Improved Multitasking

Windows 10 provides you virtual desktop but access it from main window. Using this new coolest feature you can open different window in different desktop and then switch between these desktop when required.

6) Universal Apps (One with All!)

Microsoft’s feature Universal apps provides the portability of the apps with different devices. Universal apps let you adapt common app store across all devices.

7) Office Apps with Touch

Now, Microsoft’s gives the touch to its new Office. Windows 10 feature provides office apps touch-first interface across phones, tablet and PCs. Now, ready to interact with Office apps without pressing any physical key.

8) Continuum (Choose your mode!)

Continuum is the Coolest feature that let you switch between tablet or laptop mode. Windows 10 will assist user as per the action when keyboard/mouse will plugged in or remove it’s from plugged.

9) Notification Gathering

Now notifications are getting makeover by Windows 10. Now, you can see the all notification in synced file with a larger rectangular pop-up in the upper corner of the screen. How it is if according actions are also available with it? Microsoft’s gives you this facility also!

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