Every Business Needs Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design

It looks like all hell broke loose with responsive. Everybody wants a piece of that pie but few are able of gaining a proper share as it is quite a thing to master. Sure people wish to browse web via various devices, but they are also interested in comfort, convenience and the looks of websites they are browsing through.

So the question is what is making responsive design good responsive design?

There are two things any designer has to consider if he truly wishes his responsive design to be great:

Change your thinking. Forget desktop as web has moved way beyond for quite a while now. Though it’s quite doubtful people are gaining responsive design out of a tear of a unicorn and it may cure all device issues responsive design is actually very close to doing so. And responsive is improving by the way. Constantly. And for all to work as planned you are to think out of the standards you were used to your entire life while designing for desktop. Responsive is a change in your workflow, your philosophy. You are to understand a mobile device goes first.

Understand how your content needs to be organized. Responsive is actually about adjusting the layout of your content or even content itself to a particular device. Your goal is making a user with any environment he may be using happy. Just moving sidebars is not enough at all. You are to actually think through all of your content and adjust it to your target audience and their devices. For starters begin with considering 90% of users will not be googling for your site. They will be visiting it via any link they’ve encountered or an ad. Thus they will be guided to a specific part of your content, use that knowledge.

Those are the key things any designer needs to consider in order for his responsive design to be good.

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Written by Adit Microsys

We have over two decades of history and experience in software & Website Development business. We are focused on our customers and have grown thanks to the confidence they place in quality of our services and out attitude towards customer satisfaction. We are an ISO:9001 company.

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