Oracle Server Support
Oracle Server Solution

Oracle Server Support

Your mission-critical Oracle DB are in expert team hands at Adit Microsys. Through emergency repairing to planning for running and disaster recovery, everything our own authorized Oracle expert carryout is about retaining your own listings up and running, and with regards to retaining these running on maximum functionality. And that in front of them is the greatest motive to trust you with your Oracle needs because just retaining your own database computers up and running is merely the beginning of what we carry out.

Oracle Solution and Support:

  1. Installation
  2. Convenient monthly licensing
  3. Configuration
  4. Initial environment assessment and performance adjustments
  5. Database environment monitoring and statistics collection
  6. Emergency escalations to senior DBA 24x7x365
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. DBA consultation for performance optimization
  9. Optional live database backup agent

The above Oracle Service is available just as one elective services. If you think maybe you will need much more assistance from our staff at software development and web design company in Ahmedabad, we have extra DBA consultative services that you can get to you with a time and materials foundation.

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