What is the difference between a Mobile App and a Web App?
Mobile Apps and Web Apps

What is the difference between a Mobile App and a Web App?

There are many stages we come across while developing a harmonious application (app). We start with elaborate planning with an application idea, then moving towards design, development and at last unit testing. The development of an application might be on some intended device (native device or mobile) or web. So we can say that there are two ways to create and deploy your app i.e. with a mobile app or web app. Before you into creating the app you must know which app would be better for your requirements.

Here is the difference between a mobile app and web app so that it can be easy for you to decide which app to choose:

mobile app is an app which runs on the mobile device platform and it can be installed from that particular device itself using Apple App Store (for iOS users) and Google Play Store (for Android users). While web app is an internet-enabled app that is accessible by mobile device’s web browser or desktop web browser. There is no need to install the application in order to access it.

They both have a different process of development from each other. Each mobile platform has different programming languages for unique native app development process. While web app development uses HTML, javascript, CSS and many other web application development frameworks. There are many popular developing tools to deploy apps for a mobile platform or for browsers.

You might have seen that sometimes web app and mobile app may have the same user interface and they might look almost same with some small differences. Web apps should have adjustable graphical user interface while using a device such as desktop, tablets, smartphones etc. They should possess a coherent design that can work on any size of the screen and also they must be user-friendly.

Accessibility feature is available only in mobile apps. They are very much compatible with mobile device’s hardware and mobile apps can access inbuilt features such as GPS, camera, accelerometer and so on. But web apps cannot access such inbuilt features. Mobile apps need to be downloading updates to access more inbuilt features while there is no updating required in web apps as they are loaded each and every time from the browser.

Mobile app development is more expensive than compared to web app development. But mobile apps are more efficient and faster and they also can be guaranteed for the quality they possess as the user can access it through the app store. The development cost of the web app is low but the maintenance cost is higher as they need to be supported by multiple platforms available. And there is no serving authority that controls it quality.

So here were the few aspects which might help you to decide either to opt mobile app or web app. It is recommendable if in case you are having no budget limit you should opt for both mobile app as well as a web app for your business development.