Inbound Link and SEO: The Relation and the Result
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Inbound Link and SEO: The Relation and the Result

If you are talking about Search Engine Optimization for your website then link building is probably one of the most important aspects of SEO process that will surely be discussed as a part of Search Engine Optimisation process.

As each and every link works like a vote to your website that adds value and popularity to your website, every link is very important and should be given importance if not! The internal links are like building blocks for your website that enhances your website popularity in the search engines.

If we are focusing on the quality content, have a good site Inbound Links structural design, have a site which is user friendly & robot friendly then getting high Search Engine Ranking Position is not a difficult task.

Once you got high Search Engine Ranking Position trust us there are too many directories and Business listing websites portals that will add your website in their listings even without you knowing about it, as they are also looking for quality listings.

Before few years Dmoz directory listing was something that always wished to submit and get approved your website as that definitely was a valuable link. We are not sure known it still has that significance but I still keep adding my each site into dmoz directory.

Apart from a good qualitative site in all respects other genuine methods of gaining natural inbound links as your website goes from one milestone to another are as follows:

  • Add social book marking button on your website.
  • Contribute in social media and social networks for discussions and sharing of information and mention links by you to the relevant pages to your website.
  • Make RSS feeds available on your website.
  • Distribute Press Releases at regular intervals.
  • Focus all your efforts on making the site informative, qualitative and content rich to get links automatically.
  • Do not neglect the On-Page Optimization Basics and just go after links. (Very important from the SEO perspective).

And last but not least, do not make any assumption; because it is Search Engine Optimisation and not a game that gets you win on just assumptions! You have to be careful when having Web Design for your website.

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