The top five open source project management tools for your business
open source project management tools

The top five open source project management tools for your business

Taking responsibilities of project manager is not at all easy. You have to keep everything in mind like budget, time complexities, scope, etc. Sometimes it too happens that you were not aware which complexity is going to strike you at end time and also multiple tasks are also pending to be done. To avoid such problems we have got you some amazing open source project management (PM) tools to make your business run at the speed of bullet train.

  1. Open Project: This is web-based project management tools and is having an active development status. It carries the GNU General Public License Version 3. Many of the features are provided by Open Project such as – Gantt Charts, Task Management, Time tracking software, Bug tracking software, proper budgeting, Wiki, Agile & Scrum and many premium features are also available in it. Many companies such as Nokia, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom use this tool and as we know how popular are these companies in the market. This tool is recommendable because it includes all the main features which are required for project management like it helps to get project conception, project planning, project execution, project control and project close.
  2. Project Libre:Project Libre is a leading open source founded to replace the Microsoft Project desktop. It carries the license of Common Public Attribution License (CPAL) and is written in Java (a code language). It provides features such as – Network Diagram, WBS (work breakdown structure) charts, resource histograms, Gantt Charts and to earn value costing. It has won InfoWorld “Best Open Source” award. It considered to be more compatible than Microsoft Project 2007, 2008 and 2010 files. It is going to soon launch new feature ‘Cloud Project Management’. This would help to manage multiple projects at any time and any place. Abbott, IBM, Cisco, etc. use this software.
  3. Odoo: Odoo is an open source which consist all the company needs such as project management, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), sales, eCommerce, billing, etc. It carries the “Community” version of GNU Lesser General Public License for the open source features and “Enterprise” version of Proprietary License for other commercial and services features. This tool is fully integrated and is very easy to use. It has very strong technical foundation and thus it carries a very unique framework. You will get all the features which are required for developing, accounting, sales, marketing and many more. Many top brands such as Toyota, Hyundai, Trident, etc. use this tool.
  4. Zentao: Zentao is one of the leading open source project management software as it provide free lifetime upgrade. It has many features like product management which includes Plan, roadmap, etc.; project management, QA management which includes test case, bug management, etc.; routine management which includes My Task, My To-Do list, My Bug, etc; document management and Score code management. It has various plug-ins and also has the powerful extension mechanism.
  5. Wekan: Wekan is free, open source project task management and collaboration software that uses the Kanban approach for simple and fast workflow. With Wekan, project managers can create boards on which cards can be dragged around between columns. It is very easy to use and has interactive project management After the creation of boards, users need to simply add the project team to the project and everything is set to take off. Wekan is released under the MIT License and is open for modifications and enhancements. It gives users full control over their data and can be hosted on the server. The Wekan community consists of over 400,000 members, which means there is a vibrant community working towards further improvements.