The New UI Design tools: Figma Vs Sketch
Figma Vs Sketch

The New UI Design tools: Figma Vs Sketch

User Interface (UI) design is the design for user interfaces which is used in machine and software; its main focus is to make the maximum usability. There are many UI design tools available in the market. In this article we have brought two popular UI design tools, i.e. Figma and Sketch; and the comparison between these two will help you which one to opt.

  • Platform & Performance:
    Figma works in-browser while Sketch works only on Apple computers (MaC) and is a desktop app. Even Figma is also available as desktop app both for Mac and Windows. Above all, it is recommended that user must be connected to the internet as it helps to open new file as a desktop client.
  • Pricing:
    You have to pay $99 (6600 INR) for Sketch tool to buy its license. This license works for one year and you will receive all the updates of Sketch app. It also offers a free trial so that you can experience its features. While Figma tool is currently free for the starter team. It costs $12 (800 INR) for a professional team and this plan is applicable for per editor per month if billed annually and if billed monthly it costs $15 per editor per month.
  • Usability:
    There are many common features in these two apps and they also carry similar interface. Even the keyboard shortcuts are same. You won’t find the transaction to be difficult from the usability point of view if you opt for the swapping from Sketch to Figma. They differ from the terminologies. In reality, they have different words but the functionality is same. You work with Artboards in Sketch whereas with Frames in Figma and symbol in Sketch is the component in Figma. If you are familiar with Sketch you won’t find it too difficult to work with Figma.
  • Features & Functionality:
    One of the best features of Figma is teamwork, multiple team members can work on the same project simultaneously. Each project gets its own URL and thus file-sharing becomes easy. As it is an in-browser, it becomes easy for developers to view the project and there is no need to download the design tool to view a particular project. Figma has also improved on vector networking as this feature helps to get flexibility in the drawing. While talking about plugins, Sketch comes first in mind. There are plenty of plugins provided by Sketch. It also carries many prototyping services.

At moment Sketch has a good reputation in the industry but Figma is also giving a good fight to Sketch. There are many features coming up and for that, we need to stay tune in which app, what’s next is going to come up?

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