Necessity of Social Media Marketing Strategy for every business
Social Media Marketing Strategy

Necessity of Social Media Marketing Strategy for every business

The phenomenon is new, but it is most effective and modern strategy marketing strategy nowadays. Social media marketing strategy has become a vital part of a business marketing strategy that is striving to reach the top the market.

According to the current report, there are 20 mn active users on Pinterest, nearly 241 mn on Twitter, 1+ bn on Facebook, almost 200 mn on Instagram, 540 mn on Google+ and 300 mn on LinkedIn and the number increasing rapidly each day. It is evident with these statistics the enterprise’s absence on social media can loose him the double the sales that he earn by traditional marketing.

With the more than half of the marketers online the benefits of social media marketing strategy are as following:

1) Build Brand reputation:

Having a strong impression on social media gives a boost to brand building for a business. To accomplish this, a company first needs to identify the extant market.

When it comes to social marketing no one can beat Coca-Cola in the chase. Coca-Cola has proved to be the recognizable brand on social media. The company took an apt market survey on Twitter and the concluded that their fans on Facebook were twice more likely to consume their product and 10 times more likely to make a purchase. To increase the customer engagement, they started to put on a quiz and fill the blank statements with short responses on Facebook for more customer engagement. They made sure to have highly shareable content like how will its mascot look like on a No shave November. On Twitter with 3+ mn followers, they keep regular competitions to encourage user interaction.

“The Essence of social media is knowing your audiences and engage them in something they love.”

2) Amplify loyalty

Coca-Cola campaigns not only help them gain customer loyalty but also keep them updated about customer opinion. It’s not difficult to make customers loyal towards a company. But one needs to make sure they follow the dos and don’ts.


  • Post high-quality content on regular basis.
  • Develop a regular schedule.
  • Listen first to target customer’s pain points openly and solve them.
  • Respond back as soon as possible.
  • Launch new products.
  • Pay attention to when is the best time to post and get attention
  • Have a strategy
  • Question to the customers and start a conversation.
  • Start hashtag trends, polls and competition to encourage user interaction.

“Emotions + Logic = Customer Attention”


  • Stop focusing on quantity of followers.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t give a negative response to a feedback.
  • Don’t publish content which is useless for your audience
  • Don’t broadcast same content across all channels
  • Focusing on too many social media.

3) Boost up sales:

Social media sites help you spot your customer preferences. Use analytic tools to understand client needs and expectations. Pitch your sales in such a way that the customer sees it more as an advice then an advertisement. Businesses can increase their conversion rate. With so many social commerce tools are widely available where one can easily sell products online.

4) Cutback marketing costs:

Most evident reason to use social media is its cost effectiveness. Unlike traditional marketing, advertising on social media is substantially low or almost nil. To tweet, blog or post is free. One doesn’t need to spend a penny for their PR efforts. Rather social media platforms help one increase their return on investment.

5) Increase search engine ranking:

Social media channels are best to increase traffic to your website. When SEO tactics and social media collaborate, they form a powerful mix of marketing and PR. Referrals to your site from your social media platforms increase more traffic to the site. Sometimes search like Google also acts like social media. They also crawl tweets and allow them to be displayed along with other search results. They also display profiles and keywords related to that business.

Social media has not only become imperative but a part of business models. It could easily create a buzz for business and benefit the company. All one needs is creativity and a good sense of campaigning that would reach billions of people in just seconds.

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