Magento Ecommerce Search Extension And Custom Development
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Magento Ecommerce Search Extension And Custom Development

In the internet world, search is the widely use term. Here we are going to discuss about search extension for Magento ecommerce website. It is the most important feature for any ecommerce website to simplify the process for consumer to find the product. Any online store has numerous products and its quiet difficult to search specific product for any user. To find any specific product through complex catalog or navigation, generally user likes to use search function. Large Ecommerce Company have focused on this function because it directly relates to the conversion rate. Yes, if any user finds product related to his/her search than the conversion rate is 100% in compared to users who didn’t find.

Common Search Extension Features :

Every ecommerce business has different requirement and vary from store to store, but there are some common features required for each business.

  • Auto suggest/complete
  • Suggest product
  • Spell correction
  • Analytics

Auto suggest/complete :

This is the expected feature from any search box you have used. Because now a days, every user is habituated to search on Google and Google’s search box auto suggest terms. Due to this feature, you are cutting down friction as well as avoid spell errors.

For example, if user searches like “women s” then search extension will bring up with “women shoes” or “women shirts” or “women shorts”.

Suggest product :

This function is much like Auto suggest, but instead of suggesting text in query, it suggests products from catalog while user types.

This function dramatically cut down friction and user will directly navigate on pop up product, if its related to his/her search.

Spell Correction :

It is quite simple. You have seen this while typing on Microsoft Word or on Google. In Microsoft word, if you type any wrong spell, it will mark that keyword with red line, then you will do right click to get right spell.

If you search on Google like – “buy penthouse”, then it will show results for “buy penthouse”.

Analytics :

By using analytics, you will see the most popular items in search and you can make easy navigation to reach those items.

Magento extension development

The default Magento search technology is poor in terms of flexibility and product’s matching accuracy. In the market there are so many free as well as paid extension available to solve this problem and if you still not satisfied with it than contact Magento extension development firm AditMicrosys and get the best solution for your online store. This post will cover some available extensions and you can select as per nature of the product or feature.

InstantSearch+ :

This extension is free. It is one of the most popular search extension in Magento. This extension includes all four features mentioned above. The drawback is it works on stores upto 500 products. If you have more items, then you have to pay.

Klevu :

It is almost same as InstantSearch+, but it works on stores upto 1000 products. It learns from search queries and improves its results over time. Its dynamic filters and query reporting functionality improve the overall customer experience. Pro (£6 per month) and Premium (starts from £399 per month) paid options are also available.

Sphinx Search Ultimate :

This is paid plugin with 5/5 rating score. It includes three features – spell correction, Auto Suggest and Suggest product. Its price is $149.

Install search plugin as per your online store requirement. Hope you like to read above information. Let us know your reviews through comments.

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