How Revolutionary is Blockchain Technology ?
Blockchain Technology

How Revolutionary is Blockchain Technology ?

In simple terms, Blockchain technology serves as a platform that allows the transit of digital information without the risk of being copied. The blockchain is a data structure that holds transactional records and while ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization. It is a revolutionary technology that puts the trust from third parties into our own hands, allowing us to validate our own transactions and verify our own data.

The blockchain is designed to store information in a way that makes it virtually impossible to add, delete or modify data without being detected by other users.

How does this help you ?

1) The blockchain is Changing Money Transfers 

Money transactions in blockchains are done with the help of various cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. Transactions are extremely secure and charge-free, even you can send money to anyone and not be afraid that someone’s going to steal it along the way.

2) Blockchain in Healthcare

As rapidly increasing of healthcare industry it becomes important to be aware of running a healthcare organization in a more efficient and secure way. Blockchain can solve the biggest challenges in healthcare by allowing the doctors and healthcare providers to handle your health records securely and easily. Unlike the paper records, you don’t need to carry papers in this digital world, with the use of digital health records you can have your all the health records travel with you from birth to death even after changing your doctors frequently.

3) Education

The blockchain is a new way of thinking about how to organize student & teacher data online, providing them with a sense of ownership, ease of access, and stability. Increase in online and distance learning courses the verification of student record is also necessary. A blockchain technology system help to put for educational records, creating a way for employers and other educational institutions to access secure records and transcripts. No longer would a student have to wait for the course. Grades and records would be easily and instantly transferable.

4) Politics 

Voting systems secured with blockchain technology would be completely unhackable. Once e-voting is enabled from smartphones or desktops, voters will be able to vote from anywhere. This would increase voter engagement. The other benefit of Blockchain will be reducing the cost of campaigns.