5 Benefits of Agile Software Development
Agile Software Development

5 Benefits of Agile Software Development

You might have heard this word “Agile” in our IT sector. Do you know what this word “Agile” means? Agile is a method of developing software solutions that also include website applications and mobile applications also, whose main focus is on providing high-quality working software frequently and consistently with increasing business reach and minimizing project overhead. Scrum, XP, Kanban and many others use this Agile methodology.

Here are few benefits of Agile we would like to share with you and will also illustrate why they are:

  1. Client Engagement

Agile provides client involvement in each and every step of the project, this helps the developing team to understand the client’s vision and what he/she is looking forward. It also provides many opportunities for clients and team engagement – before, after and during each Sprint (a set of period of time in which specified task is to be completed). By providing the working software early helps to build the client’s trust and also encourages them to engage in the project.

  1. Transparency

The agile approach also provides a client a unique opportunity to get involved throughout the project from prioritizing features to planning and from review sessions to software builds that contains new features. From this client gets satisfied that he/she is seeing a work in progress and also having an interactive project team.

  1. Allows For Changes

Sometimes there might arise a situation where the priority and iteration changes within a week. Agile has a good opportunity for the team as they are allowed to reprioritize and redefine the product backlog.

    4.  Focuses On Users

Agile provides incrementally deliver value by focusing on those features which are the needs of real users, not just as an IT content. The main benefit of this is that we get to test the beta version software and also the team gets the valuable feedback and also makes the changes if any.

    5.  Reducing Risks

The reason behind why there are lesser chances of agile projects to fail is that they are working projects starting with very first sprint. And these methodologies virtually lessen the chances of complete project failure.

Agile is one of the best software development tools which is not the only beneficiary to developing team also consists a number of business benefits for the clients. It also helps project teams to deal with cost, scope creeps, and schedule predictability in a controlled manner. We hope you enjoyed reading the benefits of agile software development and would be looking forward to using it.

Source: Adit Microsys