Why does every business need digital marketing strategy?
Digital Marketing Strategy

Why does every business need digital marketing strategy?

The question comes to ‘Why not a digital marketing strategy?’

Today’s era is Web Era and every business has to associate with web to reach its potential customers/clients.

Digital marketing is most evolving median that contributes to increasing brand identity of a product/brand or organization at a low and economical price.

With an increasing rate of people moving online rather it seems Google is the first step of any business transaction or research to obtain product information.

It therefore has become imminently crucial for businesses to have active its presence online.

It is about moving beyond traditional print media.

In the past, 70% of marketers chose articles as a marketing tactic. Now, 64% of them promote their business online through blogs and social media. Customers have professed that blogs are the most valuable content available online. 90% of bloggers use Facebook and 53% of companies find the customer through Twitter and the quest to hunt for further social media sites is more alluring. Google has also claimed that 20% of the queries on the search engine is for local businesses.

According to Experian, companies that blog gets 55% more visitors to the company’s site and only 25% of marketing budget is spent on online marketing. It is estimated that a company that blogs 20 times per month generates traffic 5 times more as compared to the company that blogs 4 times a month.

With an increasing use of Internet, using real-time data is of utmost importance and is used to create personalized offers for customers. It helps businesses to target precise audience and hence, increase customer satisfaction. It has also increased customer retention and loyalty.

Between digital marketing and traditional marketing, digital marketing has proved to have an upper hand. The cost of reaching 1000 customers through digital marketing is $10-$20 (approx.) + distribution cost (approx. $0.45) whereas, the cost of reaching 1000 customers via traditional marketing is $1000-$1082 (approx.).

Digital marketing tactics include online search and display, which gets exposure all year 24×7 while, traditional marketing use mediums viz. Cable T.V., newspaper, radio, magazine, and many more, which are accessible only in working hours.

There are various tools to evaluate number of times a digital message has been displayed or clicked, how many has visited the website, what was the source and medium. All the assets can be measured in digital marketing while; it is very difficult to track down how many have been reached through traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing has proclaimed to be the future of business marketing strategy for the following inferences:

  • As mentioned above, real-time marketing benefits both company and its customers.
  • With an increasing number of people going mobile, easy accessibility with your mobile phones always in hand, out-and-out use application is inured. According to Google, 91% of adults in U.S have their mobiles in their reach most of the time, which makes a company more visible.
  • Digital marketing helps to generate better revenue. Companies using digital marketing expect revenue growth. Small and medium industries can expand their workforce and business using Digital Marketing.
  • Using digital marketing as a business marketing strategy adds to brand reputation. In digital marketing, it is essential to delivering one’s best to convert a paying customer into loyal customers.
  • Survival of a business in the upcoming “Internet of Things” era has become significant. It gives an access window to reach out targeted audiences.

Digital Marketing not only attracts more traffic to a companies website but also ensures highly targeted traffic.

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