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Web Designs and Businesses

“If your business is not on The internet, then your business will be out of business”                                                                                            -Bill Gates 

Web design today is not just about an artful depiction of your website but includes the website working structure, its User Interface and website blueprint. The design of website represents the success of the company sales and increases its brand reputation. A well-built website not only increases company’s prominence but also generate high traffic and gives better conversion rates.

“Everything you do with your website matters, even in terms of SEO”, says SEO Freelancer, Ken Laing.

He is not incorrect to say so because whatsoever is done depending on the website precept and other techniques that will be applied, conversion rates are calculated. Factors like the color scheme, website navigation system, serviceability, layout images and graphics affect adversely if not used appropriately. A dynamic website acts as a bridge between clientele and products.

A site can be said to do its best only when it offers good user experience but also follows technical and aesthetic norms.

Current generation visitors are an impatient fickle bunch. When they shop, they want the least hassle experience. Any product you showcase should convey only that information that makes it saleable extra information will just make a potential customer run to your competitor’s site. On an average, it takes only 8 seconds to distract a person and generally, only 2.8 seconds are enough to lead astray a customer.

A Website should not be chaotic and clamored. Customers like clean and uncluttered spaces, without causeless elements, where he can browse well and get information in seconds. A person postulates his first impression about the website in the initial 50 milliseconds. On a usual visit, no prospect reads more that 20%-28% of words of that article.

To make more sense, let us take an example of Apple. On the home page of the Apple website, 70% of the page is covered by interactive images of any product from its range of products. They use the concept of minimalism and if the customer wants to know more about the product, it gives the option “Learn More” where the customer can easily browse about its specifications. They use their whitespace efficiently and limited the amount of overall information.

If you own an e-commerce website, you should try following the “Grandma Rule”. According to this axiom, if an aged person with less knowledge of technology can understand the procedure with lesser clicks, then anybody layman can. It is believed that lesser the clicks are, the higher return of customer is expected. This is because lesser clicks reduce customer stress to make decision and waives extra thinking. The navigation system should be intuitive and obvious for users to move around without thinking.

One should avoid making passable mistakes like not testing your website regularly. This way you make sure the website is free form all the technical issues such as dead links, HTML codes with error, unreliable hosting server an d many more faux pas. Designers should avoid adding too many distractions and stick to nominal yet impressive designs. Websites should have call to action buttons or spaces where visitors can spot them rather than making them too small and have information that is readable correct and relevant because irrelevant can make user bounce off your website and with increasing bounce rate which can be sign of trouble as Google relates increasing bounce rate with irrelevant site content and websites ranking is effected. Thereby, user-friendly site is necessary to make it easier for customer to find, absorb and pass on the content.

The arrival, stopover, and exit of the patron should be pleasing and cordial that they return back soon. For that, one should discover the level of customer involvement required to make the website successful and invest and update accordingly and this will bring you granted results.

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