Web design latest trend
Web Design Trend

Web design latest trend

Web designs trends has been constantly changing and evolving. With the birth of new mediums like iPhone or any other mobile phones, iPads, Android based phones, constant change is require to make sure that the web designs are compatible with all the mediums including different size of computer screens and different browsers.

From a look and feel point of view the designs, every business would like to stand out in the market so that they can create different image online. It’s important and a vital marketing step. If you cannot impress people online within first 6 seconds then the user will hunt for another websites until they find a business which can provide confident image in the first go.

No one can understand why user does this but this is a fact from various analysis carried out from the website statistics.

To make your website standout, one designer should follow the below steps

  • Understand the business, audience and business objectives
  • Do competitor’s analysis and also refer to the nice website in the similar business
  • Use professionally taken graphics or buy images from online picture stock websites
  • Use the most important service or product on a visible position of the website
  • Use the nice fonts; even if it is not web friendly. With the help of newer technologies non-web fonts can also be easily supported
  • Use graphics which sends the message (remember a picture is equal to thousand words)
  • Use of videos in the web design will also help (just imagine how much words it can equal to?)
  • Don’t use the large banners unless they send key message
  • Avoid using large banner images for internal pages
  • These days because of the faster broadband, websites may have nice attractive background images; this will help in standing out
  • Use of the transparent images for nice effects and for quick maintainability and scalability
  • Design should match your business, e.g. if it’s a consulting business the look and feel should be corporate and if it’s a event management business then the look and feel should be appealing to youngsters and should use dark colours
  • Show the concepts to the customer before building the website to align with the expectations

Adit Microsys follows all the above steps and many more to meet our client’s expectations and create unique and impressive identity online. Please contact us if you want to know more about our processes.

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