Top Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019

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Mobile App

Android and iOS are the main platforms for mobile app development. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular mobile app development frameworks to build successful apps that will become major tools in 2019 :

Ionic Framework: Ionic is a hybrid mobile app development kit that uses web technologies and languages like HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Javascript, and Typescript. It is an open-source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality desktop and mobile apps using web technologies. Apps developed on the Ionic cross-platform framework can run on iOS and Android. Ionic is being used by several big companies such as Uber, Twitter, etc.

 Xamarin: Xamarin is based on a .Net framework which works on a single language that is C# which offers a runtime works on three major mobile platforms (Android, IOS and Windows). Xamarin uses C# and some native libraries which are wrapped in a .NET layer for hybrid app development. It is popularly to create cross-platform mobile apps. With no extra cost, xamarin is included in visual studio community version which is free for individuals and open source projects.

React Native: React Native is an open-source mobile app development framework founded by Facebook. It is one of the optimal JavaScript frameworks for creating native apps for both Android and iOS platforms. A React Native app ensures speed and agility for the apps along with responsiveness and great user experience with the native app experience. A real React Native Example is Instagram. There are other big names in the business for more React Native Example like Facebook Ads, Wal-Mart,, etc.

Flutter: Flutter is a mobile UI framework developed by Google. It is Google’s Mobile SDK for developing high-quality native interfaces on iOS & Android. It uses 2D rendering engine like skia which is used to develop the visuals and it works with the code which pre-exists. Flutter helps in the creation of excellent user interfaces which has features like advanced APIs, high-end development tools, scrolling, and navigations, etc. Flutter’s layout is quite small and it’s easier to optimize and every single element on the screen is a widget which simplifies application layout. As UI element is a widget the application layout becomes easy and comfortable to handle.

Corona SDK: Corona SDK allows a developer to create 10 times faster 2D mobile Applications for cross-platform such as Android, IOS and Kindle and it is the best open-source framework. In Cordana SDK Lua is integrated which is a light-weight programming language which helps developers to build fast performing apps. It is primarily used for developing gaming apps. You have the chance to hold full rights to the Lua code which you have used to develop your project and everything which you make with Corona is your property written in Lua. Corona is a complete framework which lets you create educational apps, games, business apps, and more.

These are some best mobile frameworks that can be used to make hybrid mobile apps. You can compare these frameworks and choose the best according to your app development requirements.

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