Guidelines For the Responsive Website Design Website Owner
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Guidelines For the Responsive Website Design Website Owner

The web is evolving fast! From simple, straight and text based websites to flash based animation rich website and from single page website to responsive website design, the web has reached to unprecedented level.

Best of this growth story is the revolutionary introduction of responsive web design approach an approach to design and develop the single webpage of a website that looks same on all screens like mobile, smart phone, tablet and desktop.

Designing a responsive website is far beyond just web design. It is all about designing user experience on multiple devices and on the go, with time and place constraints in the minds

You might have some questions about responsive website design. Let’s get them clear! Here are few basic FAQs about responsive website design and its importance.

1. What is responsive website design?
Responsive website design is simply a website design approach that ensures a website that looks same on all devices including desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone and mobile device.

2. Why should I go for responsive website for my website?
Well known responsive web design company in India consummates the demand of the time. Your visitors, prospectus and customers are on mobiles and smart phones and they love websites that are fine working on their devices, so it is highly advised to give them nice web experience while they are visiting your website and responsive website ensures they get smooth web experience!

3. What are benefits of having a responsive website?
Having a responsive website will not just give smooth web experience to your visitors, but will also increase the website visitor into customer conversion ratio and will give a boost to your business. There are many other benefits of responsive website design. Increased business ROI, engaged users, one content all screens, fast loading website and improved sales.

4. Will I need to have multiple websites for multiple devices/mobiles?
No! That’s the beauty of responsive web design. You will need only one and original website for all the devices. As said earlier, one version on responsive website will render its look on all devices so you will no need different website for different devices.

5. I have my existing website, can I get it converted into responsive design?
Yes you can! Come to us, bring your website to us, and we will carefully convert your static, non-responsive website into responsive website.

6. What browsers will support my responsive website?
Almost all modern and even some old browsers! Our responsive website designers will design responsive website that will work fine with all modern like IE8, IE9, Opera 10, Chrome, Firefox 13 and many old/outdated browsers like Firefox 3, IE 7 etc.

7. How do I know if a website is responsive?
Simply open it from your mobile/tablet. If you see content without horizontal scroller in your browser, it is responsive. You can also test this using your desktop browser by resizing your browser to the width of mobile or tablet and surf the website.

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